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Movie Review

Son of God

Christopher Gildemeister

Release Date: 2/26/2014

MPAA Rating: Description: For intense and bloody depiction of The Crucifixion, and for some sequences of violence

Starring: Diogo Morgado, Darwin Shaw, Sebastian Knapp, Simon Kunz, Adrian Schiller, Greg Hicks, and Roma Downey

After a brief prologue showing the span of human history from a Biblical perspective, the life of Jesus Christ is followed from His birth in Bethlehem to His crucifixion, resurrection from the dead, and the commissioning of His followers to spread the word of God to all people. Along the way, many familiar incidents are touched upon, from the Nativity story to the recruitment of the disciples, Christ’s miracles, and His trial and death. Particular stress is given to Christ’s mercy and love, and the suspicion of His message by the culture which surrounded Him.

Little other content is of concern in Son of God; but parents should be aware, however, that the end of the movie features a graphic, bloody, and realistic re-creation of the Crucifixion which may be too intense for young viewers. Some other violence, such as Christ’s beating at the hands of Roman soldiers, is also present.

A re-presentation of material from last year’s immensely popular History Channel mini-series The Bible with much new added, Son of God is a reverent, accurate, and deeply touching picture of the life of Christ – the first such film since The Passion of the Christ a decade ago. With the flawless production values of the mini-series, TV producer Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Voice) and Roma Downey ( Touched By An Angel) bring the life of Jesus to vivid life.

Son of God is a faithful (and faith-filled) retelling of the story of Jesus; but due to the realistic violence of the movie, the PTC does not recommend this picture for viewers under age 13.

SEX References to adultery
VIOLENCE Crucifixion, beatings, mob violence