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Movie Review

The Amazing Wizard of Paws

Christopher Gildemeister

Release Date: 3/11/2015

MPAA Rating: NA : Description: See below

Starring: Will Spencer, Paula Devicq, Cole Michaels, Jack Maxwell, Jacob Witkin

When Bobby Spade’s father is killed in a car accident, the boy becomes despondent. His therapist suggests Bobby adopt a service dog named Ozzie, to help him with his agoraphobia. When Bobby does, things start getting…strange. Ozzie starts talking. Then Bobby finds a magical book, an ancient wizard appears to tell him he is “the Chosen One,” and an evil wizard begins pursuing him – just as Bobby’s budding career as an amateur magician takes off in unbelievable ways. Soon, Bobby is enmeshed in a world he never could have imagined, while still trying to balance the life of an average schoolboy with the world of wizards.

The Amazing Wizard of Paws has no content to concern parents. The death of Bobby’s father is implied and discussed, but not seen. Bobby is bullied by other boys at school (and takes satisfaction in using his magic to get back at them in harmless ways). Bobby also has several magical battles with the evil wizard, involving lightning bolts, balls of light, and the like. He is also briefly chased by an axe-wielding empty suit of armor.

From the author of Filmmaking for Dummies and creator of previous Seal of Approval –winner First Dog, The Amazing Wizard of Paws is a clean, fun, family-friendly film enjoyable especially to young audiences. The PTC is proud to be working with this independent filmmaker, who has consistently shown himself devoted to creating family films; and we are pleased to award The Amazing Wizard of Paws with the PTC Seal of Approval®. The PTC recommends this DVD for viewers over age five.

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SEX Kissing
VIOLENCE Mild peril, bullying, fantasy violence