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Latest News

A Brief History of Increasingly Violent PG-13 Films
Pacific Standard (8/9/2016)

Gaming on mobile devices puts kids at risk
One News Now (8/4/2016)

Advertisers abandoning VH1's 'Dating Naked'
Christian Examiner (7/28/2016)

VH1's 'Dating Naked' Loses Advertisers After Parents Television Council Complains
Advertising Age (7/15/2016)

Sprint, Samsung advertising during ‘Dating Naked’ show draws fire
Kansas City Star (7/12/2016)

Concerned With What Your Kids See on TV? So Is This Group.
The Blaze (7/12/2016)

ABC Committed to Pushing “Family-Friendly” Sex, Pornography, and Swearing Into Your Living Room
Concerned Women for America(6/30/2016)

PTC, Sen. Dodd Meet Over TV Ratings
Broadcasting & Cable (6/10/2016)

McCall: Trash TV has taken over prime time
Broadcasting & Cable (5/28/2016)

Why TV Content Has Gotten Worse
Grand Magazine (5/28/2016)

PTC Launches TV Ratings Revamp Petition
Broadcasting & Cable (5/9/2016)

Sen. Markey Eyeing TV Ratings System Complaints
Broadcasting & Cable (4/31/2016)

Communicators with Tim Winter
CSPAN (4/20/2016)

New Study Shows Ratings Systems Don’t Really Work
MovieGuide (4/20/2016)

TV Content Ratings 'Inadequate' in Protecting Children
Play CBN News (4/5/2016)

Watchdog group calls TV ratings flawed, demands overhaul
AP (4/5/2016)

PTC Asks FCC to Overhaul TV Content Raytings
B&C (Broadcating and Cable) (4/5/2016)

TV content ratings system has failed children according to US study
The Guardian (4/5/2016)

TV Content Ratings System Has Failed Children For 20 Years, Parents TV Council Says In New Study
Deadline Hollywood (4/5/2016)

'Of Kings and Prophets' Canceled at ABC - Hollywood Reporter (3/17/2016)

PTC Blasts ABC's "The Real O'Neills" - TV News Check (3/16/2016)

Of Kings And Prophets' Future Is Not Looking Good, Here's Why - Cinema Blend (3/16/2016)

Parents Television Council Blasts ABC's Biblical Drama 'Of Kings and Prophets' - Hollywood Reporter (3/2/2016)

Too Much Sex and Violence in ABC's Old Testament Drama, Parents' Council Alleges - Hollywood Patch (3/2/2016)

Parents group warns advertisers about ‘violent, sexual’ ABC Biblical drama - My News LA (3/2/2016)

Commercializing sex in the music industry - Northeast Valley News (3/1/2016)

Cable's interim solution - One News Now (2/23/2016)

Hill Looks Into Altered Ad Images - Broadcasting & Cable (2/10/2015)

Just a note on Super Bowl ads: Sex doesn't sell - One News Now (2/5/2016)

NBC had hand on mute button at Golden Globes - One News Now (1/13/2016)

PTC has list of 'resolutions' for TV-loving families - One News Now (1/7/2016)

Money-following networks need to get a Christmas clue - One News Now(12/17/2015)

The Worst TV Shows of 2015 - Variety (12/11/2015)

PTC Takes Credit for "Muppets" relaunch - San Francisco Chronicle/The Wrap (11/4/2015) 

New ‘Muppets’ show in rewrite, to be under new leadership: report - Washington Times (11/4/2015)

PTC Says 'Supergirl' Is Super - Broadcasting & Cable  (10/1/2015)


Other Headlines


10/21/2015 - Patriot News  Hollywood needs to get serious about the TV ratings system 

10/6/2015 - Broadcasting & Cable  El Rey Concedes Mis-Rating 'Pulp Fiction'  

11/5/2014 - The Washington Post  Time to Fix the TV Rating System 

11/4/2014 - The Washington Post   Fisting, Anal Sex, Penis Pictures: Broadcast TV's Ratings Grab Gets Raunchy 

11/4/2014 - New York Daily News TV Watchdog Slams ABC for Sex-Filled Scandal Opening Immediately After Charlie Brown Special 

4/12/2014 - The Hollywood Reporter  ABC Criticized for Airing 'Scandal' Sex Scene After Charlie Brown Special 

11/3/2014 - WND ABC exposes Charlie Brown watchers to graphic sex 

10/3/2014 - The Moviefone Blog ABC Criticized for Airing 'Scandal' Sex Scene After Charlie Brown Special 

4/12/2014 - Family Matters  (podcast by PTC President Tim Winter)  Time to Fix the TV Rating System 

4/3/2014 -  TV Watchdog: Graphic Throat Slashing Inappropriately Rated TV14 

3/31/2014 - NE News Now  Networks have reason to mis-advertise TV show ratings 

1/9/2014 - Reuters  U.S. watchdog group calls for new TV, movie rating system 

1/8/2014 - The Wrap  Parents Television Council Blasts TV, Movie Industries Over Ratings Systems 

1/8/2014 - Radio & Television Business Report  PTC wants TV, movie ratings overhaul 

12/15/2013 - CNN Headline News   PTC Public Policy Director discusses the violence study and the failed ratings system

12/3/2013 - CBN Newswatch: Can You Trust Hollywood's Rating System? (Tim Winter video)
- Associated Press New PTC Study:  Broadcast TV Underates Violence

6/11/2013 - Business Insider: TV Nudity Is Increasingly Being Rated Acceptable For Kids

Violence and the Media 


10/21/2015 - Hollywood Reporter  TC Blasts 'American Horror Story: Hotel' as "Most Vile" Content Ever  

9/9/2015 - Hollywood Reporter  Parents Television Council Blasts USA Network for "Graphic" 'Mr Robot' Finale  

2/7/2014 - Catholic Connection (Tim Winter podcast)  Movie Violence isn't going away  

2/5/2014 - Daily Caller  Harvey Weinstein’s change of heart and why the problem of movie violence isn’t going away   

1/24/2014 - Faith Radio  Is Broadcast TV "Safer" for Kids?    (podcast with PTC Grassroots Director Melissa Henson)

1/20/2014 - CNN  Is TV more violent than ever?  

12/11/2013 - The Bristol Press  Let’s ask the networks to come clean on TV violence

12/10/2013 -US News & World Report Study: Violence on Broadcast TV at Cable TV Levels

12/10/2013 - The Wrap Broadcast Shows Nearly As Violent as Cable, Study Finds

12/10/2013 - CBN PTC Finds TV Violence Ratings Inconsistent

12/10/2013 - Seattle Pi The Most Violent Fall TV Shows 

5/13/2013 - U-T San Diego News: PTC President Tim Winter and Dr. Andrew Doan on Violence in the Media & Video Games

5/13/2013 - Deseret News : Broadcast TV still shows excessive gun violence

2/15/2013 - LA Times: Networks have "standards" to regulate violence on their networks. WELL...NOT REALLY.

1/24/2013 - Politico: Entertainment industry has blood on its hands

12/21/2012 - Fox News: PTC Director of Public Policy stresses the "need to have real discussions about what the media does to our kids

SEXual Content

10/21/2015 - Hollywood Reporter  TC Blasts 'American Horror Story: Hotel' as "Most Vile" Content Ever  

10/1/2015 - One News Now TLC called out for 'sleazy tactics'

9/3/2015 - Christian Today 'Seven Year Switch' TV show news: campaign to cancel show

2/28/2015 - Los Angeles Times Did 'Sex Box' turn anybody on? 

2/27/2015 - the Blaze  Parents Hate It, Critics Hate It, Britain Hated It. When You Hear the Premise of This New TV Show, You Might Be Shocked It’s Airing at All. 

2/25/2015 - CBN News Petition Drive Seeks to Shut Down Racy 'Sex Box'  

Cable Choice

9/30/2015- Forbes : TLC's 'Sex in Public' Not Nearly As Exciting As It Sounds, Incites PTC Outrage

9/20/2014- OneNewsNow : More offensive content = more basis for cable choice

9/19/2014- the Hill: Conservatives in Canada push for cable choice – why not in US?

10/28/2013 - Broadcasting & Cable: PTC Praises Comcast's Internet Plus

10/24/2013- Deseret News : Let us pay for the channels we want to watch, eh?

9/17/2013 - OneNewsNow: Violent FX Premiere Spurs Urgent Call For Cable Choice

9/12/2013 - The Wrap: SOA Premiere Makes Case for A La Carte Cable

9/12/2013 - Desert News: A La Carte Cable TV" Could Finally be on the Horizon

8/30/2013 - NewsMax: Parents demanding Congress pass the Television Consumer Freedom Act.

8/15/2013 - The Daily Caller: The High Cost of Cable Bundling

5/21/2013 - LA Times: Consumers need choice: PTC Slams Ke$ha Drinking Urine on MTV


12/23/2014 - PC Magazine PTC Files Comments Over Proposed Charter/Time Warner Cable/Bright House Merger 

12/23/2014 - PC Magazine FCC Pauses Comcast, TWC Merger Review 

4/8/2014 - New York Post  Comcast trying to claim underdog status while seeking $45B mega-merger 

4/8/2014 - TVNewsCheck Public Interest Groups Blast Comcast-TWC 

4/8/2014 - Politico Comcast makes case for Time Warner Cable deal (see letter to U.S. Attorney Genewaral Eric Holder signed by PTC and 50 others) 

2/18/2014 - KKHT-FM   Why the Comcast/TWC merger is bad for consumers and families  

2/14/2014 - ABC News Comcast Mega-Deal Stirs Memories of TV's Kabletown 


11/27/2013 - The Ridgewood News:  Speaker in Ridgewood tackles media's sexualization of girls

9/19/2013 - Christian Science Monitor:  Ending the hypersexualization of girls

7/15/2013 - Washington Times:  Pimping teenage girls. Television writes a lower exploitation standard"

6/11/2013 - Is There an Epidemic of Nudity on Primetime TV?

6/11/2013 - Business Insider: TV Nudity Is Increasingly Being Rated Acceptable For Kids

6/11/2013 - OneNewsNow : Study: TV rating suggests ‘blurred’ nudity suitable for kids

4 Every girl

11/2/2015 - One News Now: 'Supergirl' doesn't need 'Secret' ads, says PTC

8/21/2013 - Media Post News: PTC Tells 'Sexploitation' Story In Times Square Ad

6/13/2013 - Orange County Register: Ugly side of child beauty pageants

6/11/2013 - The Channel Mom Show: Making Young Girls Sexy?


5/14/2013 - The Patriots News: America's potty mouth is flushing our dignity down the drain: Anne Reeves

1/23/2012 - Today Show - Kids and Cursing


9/24/2014 -World Net Daily Rape Joke On Fox Cartoons Draws Attention

7/16/2014 - The Washington Times - VH1’s ‘Naked Dating’ outrages parents group'

1/20/2014 - TVNewsCheck - PTC Blasts Jan. 14 Episode Of "Dads"

7/16/2014 - The Washington Times - VH1’s ‘Naked Dating’ outrages parents group'

11/6/2012 - CNN - Indecency on TV: Should the FCC crack down or give up? 

2/6/2012 - CNN - Middle finger 'malfunction' mars Super Bowl halftime show 

2/13/2012 – Deadline Hollywood - PTC Targets MTV’s ‘I Want My Pants Back’ Over Racy Content

2/14/2012 - ABC News - Parent Advocacy Group Decries MTV’s New ‘Sex Soaked’ Show

1/8/2012 – Washington Post - Supreme Court case tests FCC’s power to police TV indecency

1/6/2012 –CNN 'F-bomb' case reaches Supreme Court


7/15/2014 - Fox News- ‘Virgin Territory:’ MTV pushes the limit with reality show about losing it

5/26/2012 - Deseret News - Combating the negative impacts of reality TV on girls' sense of self

3/9/2012 – Fox News - 'Dance Moms' 'nude' dance routine episode playground for pedophiles, experts say

FCC Proposal

6/22/2013 - WorldNetDaily: Networks Demand More Sex and Cussing on Primetime TV

6/20/2013 - Washington Post: Parents plea with FCC to keep TV’s decency rules

6/11/2013 - Missouri Family Policy Council: FCC Proposes Plan to Relax Television Indecency Standards

5/21/2013 - FoxNews: FCC proposing to allow more sex and profanity during kids’ television viewing hours

5/4/2013 - Tulsa World News: FCC needs to find clarity on FCC Rules

MTV VIdEo Awards sHow

8/28/2013 - The Rockdale News:  Tune in to help your kids tune out trouble

8/28/2013 - USA Today:  The Verdict on Hanna and the Montana judge

8/27/2013 - CNS News: The VMA Performance Violated MTV’s Own Broadcast, Workplace Standards

8/27/2013 - Open letter by Paul Porter of Rap Rehab: O'Reilly, Miley but why not MTV?

8/27/2013 - New York Times: The MTV Awards Show Prompts Familiar Complaint

8/26/2013 - Huffington Post:  Parents Television Council Blasts MTV's VMAs Over Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga Performances

Live Award Shows

9/4/2015 - Associated Press: MTV Video Music Awards criticized for glorifying marijuana

3/4/2013 - The Blaze: PTC President Tim Winter: MacFarlane’s Hosting Performance at the Oscars Should Not Be a Surprise

Misrated Programs

12/14/2012 - The Clicker on MSNBC: PTC President slams 'Walking Dead'for 'brutally intense gore,' 'inaccurate' rating

9/23/2013 – Fox-  Preventing sale of Grand Theft Auto V to underage kids 

3/28/2012 – Los Angeles Times– ‘Bully’ Deserved an R 

6/11/2012 – Reuters - TV networks pledge parent guidance to shows on Web 


10/13/2011 - - Did Parents Television Council kill The Playboy Club?