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Dear American Television, Please Don't Ruin 'Love Island'
KQED Arts (10/24/2018)

Netflix, Facebook Offer ‘Hand Masters: The First International Masturbation Game’
CNS News (10/24/2018)

PTC: FCC Yet to Address Fundamental KidVid Questions
Broadcasting & Cable (10/24/2018)

Netflix, Facebook Launch Masturbation Game to Promote 'Big Mouth' Puberty Cartoon Series
The Christian Post (10/24/2018)

New content via Vudu worth a look by parents, families: PTC
One News Now (10/23/2018)

'Big Mouth' Reveals Netflix’s Penchant for Sexualizing Minors
Newsbusters (10/19/2018)

Netflix’s Narnia: Boon for Families or Trojan Horse?
CNS News (10/19/2018)

3 'Best,' 3 'Worst' New TV Shows for Families in Fall Lineup: Parents Television Council
The Christian Post (10/11/2018)

PTC grades new series as 'best,' 'worst' for family
Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (10/11/2018)

PTC to network: Make sure your lineup is truly 'family-friendly'
One News Now (10/9/2018)

'13 Reasons Why' Star Wants Controversial Netflix Drama to Tackle Abortion in Season 3
The Hollywood Reporter (10/9/2018)

Modern-Day 'Little Women' In Pre-Release Screenings
Hartford Courant (9/21/2018)

'Explicit References to Sex in Front of Children': Study Reveals Disturbing Trend in Prime Time TV
Baptist Press (9/17/2018)

TV comedies using sexual quips in scenes with kids
CBN News (9/13/2018)

81 Percent of Family TV Comedies Show Kids Being Exposed to Sexual Dialogue: Report
The Christian Post (9/11/2018)

Adult characters increasingly making explicit references in front of children on TV, new study says
Deseret News. Aberdeen News, (9/10/2018)

Netflix turned its back on families, says PTC President Tim Winter
Newsweek (8/23/2018)

Netflix's Desire Accused of Showing Child Pornography- Again
Newsweek (8/16/2018)

'This Is Child Abuse': Conservatives Demand Netflix Pull Erotic Film Featuring Child Porn
CBN News  (8/16/2018)

Parents Television Council Demands Netflix Take Down 'Child Porn' Film Over Scenes of Young Girl Masturbating
Christian Post(8/16/2018)

Parent group calls for Netflix to pull 'Desire,' calling it 'child porn'
USA Today(8/15/2018)

What parents need to know about the R-rated film ‘Eighth Grade’
Deseret News (8/8/2018)

Netflix Film Accused of Depicting Child Pornography by Parents Group
The Hollywood Reporter (6/7/2018)

Netflix CEO Responds to ‘13 Reasons Why’ Controversy: Don’t Like It? Don’t Watch It
Variety (6/7/2018) 

Netflix CEO defends '13 Reasons Why' renewal after critics slam 'pointless' season 2
Business Insider  (6/7/2018)

'13 Reasons Why' returns with troubling questions and troubling answers
Los Angeles Times  (5/29/2018)

Parents Television Council Urges Netflix to Remove '13 Reasons Why'
Carolina Parent  (5/25/2018)

A watchdog group asks Netflix to pull '13 Reasons Why'
US News & World Report  (5/21/2018)

Says Netflix's “13 Reasons Why” Premiere Cancelation “A Despicably Shallow Act”
Broadway World  (5/17/2018)

Network commended for dumping a bad one, grabbing a winner
One News Now  (5/17/2018)

Parents Television Council Applauds Cancellation of 'The Mick' TV Series
The Christian Post  (5/15/2018)

FOX Cancels 'The Mick' and 'Lucifer,' and Pro-Family Groups are Happy
Christian Headlines  (5/15/2018)

When media violence isn’t a fad
The Washington Times  (5/10/2018)

Is O’Rielly’s ‘Kid Vid’ Redo Request PTC Approved?
Radio & Television Business Report  (5/1/2018)

PTC On Kid Vid Review: Necessary, But Go Cautiously
TV Newscheck  (5/1/2018)

On parents' behalf, a pat on the back for YouTube, Amazon
One News Now  (5/1/2018)

LaPorte man named to Hollywood TV watchdog board
Norhtwest Indiana Times  (4/28/2018)

Netflix’s ’13 REASONS WHY’ is Still Dangerous for Kid
Newsweek  (4/23/2018)

Consumer Advocates Say AT&T’s Planned “Skinny Bundle” Falls Short Of Addressing Concerns
Deadline  (4/23/2018)

Why Netflix Must Ensure ‘13 Reasons Why’ Is Safe for Kids
Ther Daily Signal  (4/19/2018)

PTC: Netflix Needs to Do More With '13 Reasons'
Broadcasting & Cable  (4/4/2018)

Parents Television Council says Netflix 'must do more to protect children' before releasing second season of '13 Reasons Why'
Deseret News (4/4/2018)

In the battle to end gun violence, why does violence in media get a pass?
The Hill  (3/21/2018)

When it comes to societal ills, media should get own house in order, stop glorifying violence
OSV Weekly:  Teresa Tomeo  (3/14/2018)

Guns, media violence and mass shootings: What psychological scientists know
Des Moines Register  (3/9/2018)

PTC meets at White House about Media Violence
MULTIPLE ARTICLES: USA Today, NY Times, Washington Post and others  (3/9/2018)

Report: 61% of prime time TV is violent, 'V' rating missing on many
Washinton Examiner (2/25/2018)

Florida shooting reopens CDC gun research debate
The Hill (2/25/2018)

Cable Industry May Soon Join Dodo in Annals of Extinction (2/13/2018)

Group asks Justin Timberlake to Keep Halftime Show Safe
Associated Press  (1/30/2018)

Parents Television Council Urges Timberlake to Keep Super Bowl Show ‘Family-Friendly’
The Washington Post  (1/30/2018)

PTC to Timberlake: Keep Halftime Show Clean  (1/30/2018)

The Parents Television Council Pens Open Letter to Justin Timberlake Asking to Keep Super Bowl Performance Appropriate
Billboard  (1/30/2018)

Parents Television Council Pens Open Letter to Justin Timberlake After 2004 Controversy
Deseret News  (1/31/2018)

Justin Timberlake Urged to Keep Super Bowl Halftime Show Kid-Friendly After "Nipplegate"
E! Online (1/30/2018)


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