PTC in the News

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Defends ‘13 Reasons Why’ Renewal: “Nobody Has To Watch It”; PTC Calls That “Callous” – Update
Deadline Hollywood  (6/7/2018)

Netflix CEO Responds to ‘13 Reasons Why’ Controversy: Don’t Like It? Don’t Watch It
Variety (6/7/2018)

Netflix CEO defends '13 Reasons Why' renewal after critics slam 'pointless' season 2
Business Insider  (6/7/2018)

'13 Reasons Why' returns with troubling questions and troubling answers
Los Angeles Times  (5/29/2018)

Parents Television Council Urges Netflix to Remove '13 Reasons Why'
Carolina Parent  (5/25/2018)

A watchdog group asks Netflix to pull '13 Reasons Why'
US News & World Report  (5/21/2018)

Says Netflix's “13 Reasons Why” Premiere Cancelation “A Despicably Shallow Act”
Broadway World  (5/17/2018)

Network commended for dumping a bad one, grabbing a winner
One News Now  (5/17/2018)

Parents Television Council Applauds Cancellation of 'The Mick' TV Series
The Christian Post  (5/15/2018)

FOX Cancels 'The Mick' and 'Lucifer,' and Pro-Family Groups are Happy
Christian Headlines  (5/15/2018)

When media violence isn’t a fad
The Washington Times  (5/10/2018)

Is O’Rielly’s ‘Kid Vid’ Redo Request PTC Approved?
Radio & Television Business Report  (5/1/2018)

PTC On Kid Vid Review: Necessary, But Go Cautiously
TV Newscheck  (5/1/2018)

On parents' behalf, a pat on the back for YouTube, Amazon
One News Now  (5/1/2018)

LaPorte man named to Hollywood TV watchdog board
Norhtwest Indiana Times  (4/28/2018)

Netflix’s ’13 REASONS WHY’ is Still Dangerous for Kid
Newsweek  (4/23/2018)

Consumer Advocates Say AT&T’s Planned “Skinny Bundle” Falls Short Of Addressing Concerns
Deadline  (4/23/2018)

Why Netflix Must Ensure ‘13 Reasons Why’ Is Safe for Kids
Ther Daily Signal  (4/19/2018)

PTC: Netflix Needs to Do More With '13 Reasons'
Broadcasting & Cable  (4/4/2018)

Parents Television Council says Netflix 'must do more to protect children' before releasing second season of '13 Reasons Why'
Deseret News (4/4/2018)

In the battle to end gun violence, why does violence in media get a pass?
The Hill  (3/21/2018)

When it comes to societal ills, media should get own house in order, stop glorifying violence
OSV Weekly:  Teresa Tomeo  (3/14/2018)

Guns, media violence and mass shootings: What psychological scientists know
Des Moines Register  (3/9/2018)

PTC meets at White House about Media Violence
MULTIPLE ARTICLES: USA Today, NY Times, Washington Post and others  (3/9/2018)

Report: 61% of prime time TV is violent, 'V' rating missing on many
Washinton Examiner (2/25/2018)

Florida shooting reopens CDC gun research debate
The Hill (2/25/2018)

Cable Industry May Soon Join Dodo in Annals of Extinction (2/13/2018)

Group asks Justin Timberlake to Keep Halftime Show Safe
Associated Press  (1/30/2018)

Parents Television Council Urges Timberlake to Keep Super Bowl Show ‘Family-Friendly’
The Washington Post  (1/30/2018)

PTC to Timberlake: Keep Halftime Show Clean  (1/30/2018)

The Parents Television Council Pens Open Letter to Justin Timberlake Asking to Keep Super Bowl Performance Appropriate
Billboard  (1/30/2018)

Parents Television Council Pens Open Letter to Justin Timberlake After 2004 Controversy
Deseret News  (1/31/2018)

Justin Timberlake Urged to Keep Super Bowl Halftime Show Kid-Friendly After "Nipplegate"
E! Online (1/30/2018)

PTC Picks Naughty & Nice Advertisers List
Broadcasting & Cable (11/13/2017)

The effect of TV, video and other screens on children, by Jane Califf (11/12/2017)

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Is Going Where No Star Trek Has Gone Before
The Daily Caller (11/2/2017)

Troubling TV Trend: Fantasy-Themed TV Not Family-Friendly, Increasingly Graphic and Obscene (10/26/2017)

Hollywood’s Hypocrisy On TV Violence
The Daily Caller (10/20/2017)

Be warned, parents, of gross-out humor in 'Big Mouth'
One News Now (10/17/2017)

PTC: These are not your parents' fairy talesg
One News Now (10/2/2017)

Don't fall behind on what your kids are watching
One News Now (10/2/2017)

Jeffrey McCall: Ratings of streamed media scarcely provide content warningst
Kokomo Tribune (9/21/2017)

Why Parents Television Council president says Hollywood shouldn't 'sex up' family content
Deseret News (9/21/2017)

The Parents Television Council Chooses Best and Worst New Shows
Tulsa Kids (9/21/2017)

PTC: CBS Has Best and Worst for Fall
Broadcasting & Cable (9/20/2017)

PTC Urges Netflix to Toughen Parental Controls
Multichannel News (9/13/2017)

God's Word and words
American Family Association Journal (9/7/2017)

Miley Cyrus “Tamer” At 2017 VMAs But Still “Edgy,” Says Parents Television Council
Gossip Cop (8/28/2017)

Parents should be monitoring children’s TV content and online activities
22 News WWLP (8/15/2017)

PTC Says Netflix, Other Streaming Platforms Unsafe For Kids
Deseret News (8/8/2017)

PTC: Streaming Services Lack Robust Parental Controls
Broadcasting & Cable (8/8/2017)

Should Movies Showing People Smoking Be Rated R?
The Christian Post (7/20/2017)

PTC Delivers 'Mick' Indecency Complaints to FCC
Broadcasting & Cable (7/18/2017)

PTC Seeks Indecency Fine For 'The Mick'
TV News Check (7/18/2017)

Context or not, NBC's decision on 'N-word' challenged
One News Now (6/28/2017)

 PTC Praises FCC Rosenworcel Nomination
Broadcasting & Cable (6/27/2017)

Netflix Lets Viewers Pick the Plot
New York Times (6/20/2017)

VidAngel Re-Emerges With Netflix and Amazon Filtering Service Despite Opposition from Disney, Warner Bros (Exclusive)
Gospel Herald (6/15/2017)

'Please don't do this to our movies': Seth Rogen joins growing army of irate Hollywood stars as studio releases 'clean' family-versions of their films
Daily Mail (6/15/2017)

PTC: NBC Should Let Affiliates Vet 'Carmichael Show'
Broadcasting & Cable (6/9/2017)

Streaming Video Deepens Digital Divide
The Baltimore Sun (6/9/2017)

CBS Cites PTC as Expert in Colbert FCC Claim
The Hollywood Reporter (5/31/2017)

PTC Offers Plan to Save Last Man Standing
The Blaze (5/28/2017)

PTC On ‘Real O’Neals,’ ‘Scream Queens’ Cancellations
The Wrap (5/16/2017)

ABC Cancels 'The Real O'Neals'
The Christian Post (5/12/2017)

PTC Goes to FCC Over 'The Mick'
One News Now  (5/9/2017)

Weinstein Negotiates to Get Movie a PG-13 Rating, Firing Up Parents Organization
Los Angeles Times  (4/28/2017)

McCall: Advertisers support prime-time trash
IndyStar  (4/7/2017)

FCC Rules WSKQ-FM Radio Broadcast Was Indecent
Broadcasting & Cable  (4/7/2017)

WSKQ Indecency Fine is First Under Pai
Inside Radio (4/6/2017)

Oblivious Advertisers Support Prime Time Trash, ‘The Mick’
CNS News (4/4/2017)

Restaurant drops sexually charged ads
One News Now  (4/4/2017)

Subway Refuses to Pull Ads From Controversial Series 'The Mick' That Makes Light of Child Porn
The Christian Post (3/31/2017)

Is Sexting Scandal Reason Enough to Stop Eating at Subway?
Charisma News (3/29/2017)

PTC Tries to Push Subway Out of The Mick
Broadcasting & Cable (3/27/2017)

MEDIA PTC asks SNL to be TV-14
One News Now (3/24/2017)

Parents caution ‘Saturday Night Live’ to keep it clean during live broadcasts
The Washington Post (3/21/2017)

Oprah Winfrey's company urged to pull out its ads from raunchy TV show
Entertainment (3/15/2017)

Why FX's 'Feud' Used the C-Word in Its Premiere
The Hollywood Reporter (3/5/2017)

PTC Calls Out T-Mobile For Sponsoring 'The Mick'
TV Newcheck  (2/15/2017)

PTC 'very much encouraged' by Pai appointment
One News Now (1/30/2017)

PTC: Don't be fooled, parents, by new TV shows
One News Now (1/11/2017)

Sen. Thune Open to Confirming Rosenworcel
Multichannel News (1/5/2017)

2016 Headlines

Beyond the letters and numbers
New York Post  (11/2/2016)

Amidst legal battle, content provider plans to expand
One News Now  (12/29/2016)

What Celebrity Deaths Reveal About Our Relationship To Celebrity Culture
The Daily Caller (12/29/2016)

Jeffrey McCall: 2016 was a bad year for prime-time network TV
Kokomo Tribune (12/28/2016)

DirecTV plotted to keep Dodgers off local cable stations, feds say
New York Post (ABC) (11/2/2016)

PTC to California: Keep Off (TV) Grass
Broadcasting & Cable (11/1/2016)

Parents Television Council: 'The Walking Dead' premiere is worse than a TV-MA rating
KOAT (ABC) (10/25/2016)

Known for Christmas movies, Hallmark a gift all year
One News Now (10/25/2016)

Parents Television Council slams 'Walking Dead' violence
USA Today (10/25/2016)

Parents Television Council: 'The Walking Dead' premiere is worse than a TV-MA rating
KOAT (ABC) (10/25/2016)

Parents Television Council Blasts "Brutally Explicit" 'Walking Dead' Premiere (Exclusive)
The Hollywood Reporter(10/24/2016)

Merger Critics Take Aim at AT&T-Time; Warner
Multichannel News (10/24/2016)

Jay Evensen: Pile on Trump? Sure, but don't be blind to the hypocrisy
Deseret News (10/13/2016)

Trump's Comments Were Lewd, but Where's the Outrage Over This?
Charisma News (10/13/2016)

Upsetting The 800-Pound Hollywood Gorilla
Daily Caller (10/12/2016)

Is Television to Blame for Record-High STD Rates? (10/12/2016)

VidAngel gains support against 'bullies in Hollywood' ahead of Oct. 31 hearing
Christiam Exzaminer (10/11/2016)

The Parents TV Council Briefly Stops Complaining About ‘Family Guy’ In Order To Save ‘Pitch’
Washington Family (10/7/2016)

New Fall TV Shows to Watch (or Avoid) with Your Family
Washington Family (9/28/2016)

Parents Television Council Releases Best, Worst List of New Fall TV Shows
CNS News (9/23/2016)

PTC: Sorry, parents, Congress failed you
OneNewsNow (9/19/2016)

PTC Pushes Senators to Seek FCC Answers on TV Ratings
Broadcasting & Cable (9/13/2016)

Does the American TV ratings system need fixing?
Deseret News(9/10/2016)

A Brief History of Increasingly Violent PG-13 Films
Pacific Standard (8/9/2016)

Gaming on mobile devices puts kids at risk
One News Now (8/4/2016)

Advertisers abandoning VH1's 'Dating Naked'
Christian Examiner (7/28/2016)

VH1's 'Dating Naked' Loses Advertisers After Parents Television Council Complains
Advertising Age (7/15/2016)

Sprint, Samsung advertising during ‘Dating Naked’ show draws fire
Kansas City Star (7/12/2016)

Concerned With What Your Kids See on TV? So Is This Group.
The Blaze (7/12/2016)

ABC Committed to Pushing “Family-Friendly” Sex, Pornography, and Swearing Into Your Living Room
Concerned Women for America(6/30/2016)

PTC, Sen. Dodd Meet Over TV Ratings
Broadcasting & Cable (6/10/2016)

McCall: Trash TV has taken over prime time
Broadcasting & Cable (5/28/2016)

Why TV Content Has Gotten Worse
Grand Magazine (5/28/2016)

PTC Launches TV Ratings Revamp Petition
Broadcasting & Cable (5/9/2016)

Sen. Markey Eyeing TV Ratings System Complaints
Broadcasting & Cable (4/31/2016)

Communicators with Tim Winter
CSPAN (4/20/2016)

New Study Shows Ratings Systems Don’t Really Work
MovieGuide (4/20/2016)

TV Content Ratings 'Inadequate' in Protecting Children
Play CBN News (4/5/2016)

Watchdog group calls TV ratings flawed, demands overhaul
AP (4/5/2016)

PTC Asks FCC to Overhaul TV Content Ratings
B&C; (Broadcating and Cable) (4/5/2016)

TV content ratings system has failed children according to US study
The Guardian (4/5/2016)

TV Content Ratings System Has Failed Children For 20 Years, Parents TV Council Says In New Study
Deadline Hollywood (4/5/2016)

'Of Kings and Prophets' Canceled at ABC
Hollywood Reporter (3/17/2016)

PTC Blasts ABC's "The Real O'Neills"
TV News Check (3/16/2016)

Of Kings And Prophets' Future Is Not Looking Good, Here's Why
Cinema Blend (3/16/2016)

Parents Television Council Blasts ABC's Biblical Drama 'Of Kings and Prophets'
Hollywood Reporter (3/2/2016)

Too Much Sex and Violence in ABC's Old Testament Drama, Parents' Council Alleges
Hollywood Patch (3/2/2016)

Parents group warns advertisers about ‘violent, sexual’ ABC Biblical drama
My News LA

Commercializing sex in the music industry
Northeast Valley News

Cable's interim solution
One News Now

Hill Looks Into Altered Ad Images
Broadcasting & Cable

Just a note on Super Bowl ads: Sex doesn't sell
One News Now

NBC had hand on mute button at Golden Globes
One News Now

PTC has list of 'resolutions' for TV-loving families
One News Now


Pre-2016 Headlines by Subject


10/21/2015 - Patriot News  Hollywood needs to get serious about the TV ratings system 

10/6/2015 - Broadcasting & Cable  El Rey Concedes Mis-Rating 'Pulp Fiction'  

11/5/2014 - The Washington Post  Time to Fix the TV Rating System 

11/4/2014 - The Washington Post   Fisting, Anal Sex, Penis Pictures: Broadcast TV's Ratings Grab Gets Raunchy 

11/4/2014 - New York Daily News TV Watchdog Slams ABC for Sex-Filled Scandal Opening Immediately After Charlie Brown Special 

4/12/2014 - The Hollywood Reporter  ABC Criticized for Airing 'Scandal' Sex Scene After Charlie Brown Special 

11/3/2014 - WND ABC exposes Charlie Brown watchers to graphic sex 

10/3/2014 - The Moviefone Blog ABC Criticized for Airing 'Scandal' Sex Scene After Charlie Brown Special 

4/12/2014 - Family Matters  (podcast by PTC President Tim Winter)  Time to Fix the TV Rating System 

4/3/2014 -  TV Watchdog: Graphic Throat Slashing Inappropriately Rated TV14 

3/31/2014 - NE News Now  Networks have reason to mis-advertise TV show ratings 

1/9/2014 - Reuters  U.S. watchdog group calls for new TV, movie rating system 

1/8/2014 - The Wrap  Parents Television Council Blasts TV, Movie Industries Over Ratings Systems 

1/8/2014 - Radio & Television Business Report  PTC wants TV, movie ratings overhaul 

12/15/2013 - CNN Headline News   PTC Public Policy Director discusses the violence study and the failed ratings system

12/3/2013 - CBN Newswatch: Can You Trust Hollywood's Rating System? (Tim Winter video)
- Associated Press New PTC Study:  Broadcast TV Underates Violence

6/11/2013 - Business Insider: TV Nudity Is Increasingly Being Rated Acceptable For Kids

Violence and the Media 


10/21/2015 - Hollywood Reporter  TC Blasts 'American Horror Story: Hotel' as "Most Vile" Content Ever  

9/9/2015 - Hollywood Reporter  Parents Television Council Blasts USA Network for "Graphic" 'Mr Robot' Finale  

2/7/2014 - Catholic Connection (Tim Winter podcast)  Movie Violence isn't going away  

2/5/2014 - Daily Caller  Harvey Weinstein’s change of heart and why the problem of movie violence isn’t going away   

1/24/2014 - Faith Radio  Is Broadcast TV "Safer" for Kids?    (podcast with PTC Grassroots Director Melissa Henson)

1/20/2014 - CNN  Is TV more violent than ever?  

12/11/2013 - The Bristol Press  Let’s ask the networks to come clean on TV violence

12/10/2013 -US News & World Report Study: Violence on Broadcast TV at Cable TV Levels

12/10/2013 - The Wrap Broadcast Shows Nearly As Violent as Cable, Study Finds

12/10/2013 - CBN PTC Finds TV Violence Ratings Inconsistent

12/10/2013 - Seattle Pi The Most Violent Fall TV Shows 

5/13/2013 - U-T San Diego News: PTC President Tim Winter and Dr. Andrew Doan on Violence in the Media & Video Games

5/13/2013 - Deseret News : Broadcast TV still shows excessive gun violence

2/15/2013 - LA Times: Networks have "standards" to regulate violence on their networks. WELL...NOT REALLY.

1/24/2013 - Politico: Entertainment industry has blood on its hands

12/21/2012 - Fox News: PTC Director of Public Policy stresses the "need to have real discussions about what the media does to our kids

SEXual Content

10/21/2015 - Hollywood Reporter  TC Blasts 'American Horror Story: Hotel' as "Most Vile" Content Ever  

10/1/2015 - One News Now TLC called out for 'sleazy tactics'

9/3/2015 - Christian Today 'Seven Year Switch' TV show news: campaign to cancel show

2/28/2015 - Los Angeles Times Did 'Sex Box' turn anybody on? 

2/27/2015 - the Blaze  Parents Hate It, Critics Hate It, Britain Hated It. When You Hear the Premise of This New TV Show, You Might Be Shocked It’s Airing at All. 

2/25/2015 - CBN News Petition Drive Seeks to Shut Down Racy 'Sex Box'  

Cable Choice

9/30/2015- Forbes : TLC's 'Sex in Public' Not Nearly As Exciting As It Sounds, Incites PTC Outrage

9/20/2014- OneNewsNow : More offensive content = more basis for cable choice

9/19/2014- the Hill: Conservatives in Canada push for cable choice – why not in US?

10/28/2013 - Broadcasting & Cable: PTC Praises Comcast's Internet Plus

10/24/2013- Deseret News : Let us pay for the channels we want to watch, eh?

9/17/2013 - OneNewsNow: Violent FX Premiere Spurs Urgent Call For Cable Choice

9/12/2013 - The Wrap: SOA Premiere Makes Case for A La Carte Cable

9/12/2013 - Desert News: A La Carte Cable TV" Could Finally be on the Horizon

8/30/2013 - NewsMax: Parents demanding Congress pass the Television Consumer Freedom Act.

8/15/2013 - The Daily Caller: The High Cost of Cable Bundling

5/21/2013 - LA Times: Consumers need choice: PTC Slams Ke$ha Drinking Urine on MTV


12/23/2014 - PC Magazine PTC Files Comments Over Proposed Charter/Time Warner Cable/Bright House Merger 

12/23/2014 - PC Magazine FCC Pauses Comcast, TWC Merger Review 

4/8/2014 - New York Post  Comcast trying to claim underdog status while seeking $45B mega-merger 

4/8/2014 - TVNewsCheck Public Interest Groups Blast Comcast-TWC 

4/8/2014 - Politico Comcast makes case for Time Warner Cable deal (see letter to U.S. Attorney Genewaral Eric Holder signed by PTC and 50 others) 

2/18/2014 - KKHT-FM   Why the Comcast/TWC merger is bad for consumers and families  

2/14/2014 - ABC News Comcast Mega-Deal Stirs Memories of TV's Kabletown 


11/27/2013 - The Ridgewood News:  Speaker in Ridgewood tackles media's sexualization of girls

9/19/2013 - Christian Science Monitor:  Ending the hypersexualization of girls

7/15/2013 - Washington Times:  Pimping teenage girls. Television writes a lower exploitation standard"

6/11/2013 - Is There an Epidemic of Nudity on Primetime TV?

6/11/2013 - Business Insider: TV Nudity Is Increasingly Being Rated Acceptable For Kids

6/11/2013 - OneNewsNow : Study: TV rating suggests ‘blurred’ nudity suitable for kids

4 Every girl

11/2/2015 - One News Now: 'Supergirl' doesn't need 'Secret' ads, says PTC

8/21/2013 - Media Post News: PTC Tells 'Sexploitation' Story In Times Square Ad

6/13/2013 - Orange County Register: Ugly side of child beauty pageants

6/11/2013 - The Channel Mom Show: Making Young Girls Sexy?


5/14/2013 - The Patriots News: America's potty mouth is flushing our dignity down the drain: Anne Reeves

1/23/2012 - Today Show - Kids and Cursing


9/24/2014 -World Net Daily Rape Joke On Fox Cartoons Draws Attention

7/16/2014 - The Washington Times - VH1’s ‘Naked Dating’ outrages parents group'

1/20/2014 - TVNewsCheck - PTC Blasts Jan. 14 Episode Of "Dads"

7/16/2014 - The Washington Times - VH1’s ‘Naked Dating’ outrages parents group'

11/6/2012 - CNN - Indecency on TV: Should the FCC crack down or give up? 

2/6/2012 - CNN - Middle finger 'malfunction' mars Super Bowl halftime show 

2/13/2012 – Deadline Hollywood - PTC Targets MTV’s ‘I Want My Pants Back’ Over Racy Content

2/14/2012 - ABC News - Parent Advocacy Group Decries MTV’s New ‘Sex Soaked’ Show

1/8/2012 – Washington Post - Supreme Court case tests FCC’s power to police TV indecency

1/6/2012 –CNN 'F-bomb' case reaches Supreme Court


7/15/2014 - Fox News- ‘Virgin Territory:’ MTV pushes the limit with reality show about losing it

5/26/2012 - Deseret News - Combating the negative impacts of reality TV on girls' sense of self

3/9/2012 – Fox News - 'Dance Moms' 'nude' dance routine episode playground for pedophiles, experts say

FCC Proposal

6/22/2013 - WorldNetDaily: Networks Demand More Sex and Cussing on Primetime TV

6/20/2013 - Washington Post: Parents plea with FCC to keep TV’s decency rules

6/11/2013 - Missouri Family Policy Council: FCC Proposes Plan to Relax Television Indecency Standards

5/21/2013 - FoxNews: FCC proposing to allow more sex and profanity during kids’ television viewing hours

5/4/2013 - Tulsa World News: FCC needs to find clarity on FCC Rules

MTV VIdEo Awards sHow

8/28/2013 - The Rockdale News:  Tune in to help your kids tune out trouble

8/28/2013 - USA Today:  The Verdict on Hanna and the Montana judge

8/27/2013 - CNS News: The VMA Performance Violated MTV’s Own Broadcast, Workplace Standards

8/27/2013 - Open letter by Paul Porter of Rap Rehab: O'Reilly, Miley but why not MTV?

8/27/2013 - New York Times: The MTV Awards Show Prompts Familiar Complaint

8/26/2013 - Huffington Post:  Parents Television Council Blasts MTV's VMAs Over Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga Performances

Live Award Shows

9/4/2015 - Associated Press: MTV Video Music Awards criticized for glorifying marijuana

3/4/2013 - The Blaze: PTC President Tim Winter: MacFarlane’s Hosting Performance at the Oscars Should Not Be a Surprise

Misrated Programs

12/14/2012 - The Clicker on MSNBC: PTC President slams 'Walking Dead'for 'brutally intense gore,' 'inaccurate' rating

9/23/2013 – Fox-  Preventing sale of Grand Theft Auto V to underage kids 

3/28/2012 – Los Angeles Times– ‘Bully’ Deserved an R 

6/11/2012 – Reuters - TV networks pledge parent guidance to shows on Web 


10/13/2011 - - Did Parents Television Council kill The Playboy Club?