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PTC Picks Naughty & Nice Advertisers List
Broadcasting & Cable (11/13/2017)

The effect of TV, video and other screens on children, by Jane Califf (11/12/2017)

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Is Going Where No Star Trek Has Gone Before
The Daily Caller (11/2/2017)

Troubling TV Trend: Fantasy-Themed TV Not Family-Friendly, Increasingly Graphic and Obscene (10/26/2017)

Hollywood’s Hypocrisy On TV Violence
The Daily Caller (10/20/2017)

Be warned, parents, of gross-out humor in 'Big Mouth'
One News Now (10/17/2017)

PTC: These are not your parents' fairy talesg
One News Now (10/2/2017)

Don't fall behind on what your kids are watching
One News Now (10/2/2017)

Jeffrey McCall: Ratings of streamed media scarcely provide content warningst
Kokomo Tribune (9/21/2017)

Why Parents Television Council president says Hollywood shouldn't 'sex up' family content
Deseret News (9/21/2017)

The Parents Television Council Chooses Best and Worst New Shows
Tulsa Kids (9/21/2017)

PTC: CBS Has Best and Worst for Fall
Broadcasting & Cable (9/20/2017)

PTC Urges Netflix to Toughen Parental Controls
Multichannel News (9/13/2017)

God's Word and words
American Family Association Journal (9/7/2017)

Miley Cyrus “Tamer” At 2017 VMAs But Still “Edgy,” Says Parents Television Council
Gossip Cop (8/28/2017)

Parents should be monitoring children’s TV content and online activities
22 News WWLP (8/15/2017)

PTC Says Netflix, Other Streaming Platforms Unsafe For Kids
Deseret News (8/8/2017)

PTC: Streaming Services Lack Robust Parental Controls
Broadcasting & Cable (8/8/2017)

Should Movies Showing People Smoking Be Rated R?
The Christian Post (7/20/2017)

PTC Delivers 'Mick' Indecency Complaints to FCC
Broadcasting & Cable (7/18/2017)

PTC Seeks Indecency Fine For 'The Mick'
TV News Check (7/18/2017)

Context or not, NBC's decision on 'N-word' challenged
One News Now (6/28/2017)

 PTC Praises FCC Rosenworcel Nomination
Broadcasting & Cable (6/27/2017)

Netflix Lets Viewers Pick the Plot
New York Times (6/20/2017)

VidAngel Re-Emerges With Netflix and Amazon Filtering Service Despite Opposition from Disney, Warner Bros (Exclusive)
Gospel Herald (6/15/2017)

'Please don't do this to our movies': Seth Rogen joins growing army of irate Hollywood stars as studio releases 'clean' family-versions of their films
Daily Mail (6/15/2017)

PTC: NBC Should Let Affiliates Vet 'Carmichael Show'
Broadcasting & Cable (6/9/2017)

Streaming Video Deepens Digital Divide
The Baltimore Sun (6/9/2017)

CBS Cites PTC as Expert in Colbert FCC Claim
The Hollywood Reporter (5/31/2017)

PTC Offers Plan to Save Last Man Standing
The Blaze (5/28/2017)

PTC On ‘Real O’Neals,’ ‘Scream Queens’ Cancellations
The Wrap (5/16/2017)

ABC Cancels 'The Real O'Neals'
The Christian Post (5/12/2017)

PTC Goes to FCC Over 'The Mick'
One News Now  (5/9/2017)

Weinstein Negotiates to Get Movie a PG-13 Rating, Firing Up Parents Organization
Los Angeles Times  (4/28/2017)

McCall: Advertisers support prime-time trash
IndyStar  (4/7/2017)

FCC Rules WSKQ-FM Radio Broadcast Was Indecent
Broadcasting & Cable  (4/7/2017)

WSKQ Indecency Fine is First Under Pai
Inside Radio (4/6/2017)

Oblivious Advertisers Support Prime Time Trash, ‘The Mick’
CNS News (4/4/2017)

Restaurant drops sexually charged ads
One News Now  (4/4/2017)

Subway Refuses to Pull Ads From Controversial Series 'The Mick' That Makes Light of Child Porn
The Christian Post (3/31/2017)

Is Sexting Scandal Reason Enough to Stop Eating at Subway?
Charisma News (3/29/2017)

PTC Tries to Push Subway Out of The Mick
Broadcasting & Cable (3/27/2017)

MEDIA PTC asks SNL to be TV-14
One News Now (3/24/2017)

Parents caution ‘Saturday Night Live’ to keep it clean during live broadcasts
The Washington Post (3/21/2017)

Oprah Winfrey's company urged to pull out its ads from raunchy TV show
Entertainment (3/15/2017)

Why FX's 'Feud' Used the C-Word in Its Premiere
The Hollywood Reporter (3/5/2017)

PTC Calls Out T-Mobile For Sponsoring 'The Mick'
TV Newcheck  (2/15/2017)

PTC 'very much encouraged' by Pai appointment
One News Now (1/30/2017)

PTC: Don't be fooled, parents, by new TV shows
One News Now (1/11/2017)

Sen. Thune Open to Confirming Rosenworcel
Multichannel News (1/5/2017)


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