PTC Studies & Reports

The PTC publishes highly acclaimed Special Reports which receive nationwide attention and consistently spark national debate concerning broadcast indecency, localism, cable a la carte, the television ratings system, and the absence of family programming.

  • Lewd Study
  • Violence, Gun Violence & Ratings on Broadcast TV
  • Oz Fantasy Study
  • OTT Streaming Video Study
  • Trash-Talking Teens Study
  • Protecting Children or Protecting Hollywood?
  • The Real O'Neil's Mini Study
  • Remembering Family
  • Violence Study 2013
  • Teen Sexual Exploitation
  • Cartoons Are no LaughingMatter
  • Sexualized Teen Girls
  • Untangling the Web of Internet Video
  • Habitat for Profanity
  • Women in Peril
  • The New Tube
  • Happily Never After
  • The Rap on Rap
  • Dying to Entertain
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PTC Studies and Reports