Media Violence Study (December 2013)

An Examination of Violence, Graphic Violence, and Gun Violence in the Media

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New research from the Parents Television Council found that the volume and degree of violent content shown on broadcast and cable television are virtually indistinguishable; and that broadcast TV shows in the study consistently underrated graphically-violent content as appropriate for 14-year-old children, even though similar content on the cable networks was rated for mature audiences only.

- 2012-13 Full Study (Issuu format) (.pdf format)
- Link to Press Release (Dec. 9. 2013)

In this recent study, the PTC found that:

a) the most violent shows on broadcast TV have essentially similar levels of violence as the most violent cable TV shows, rendering untrue the popular assumption that broadcast TV is a “safer” media environment for children, 

b) viewers watching these violent TV shows on broadcast are exposed to guns or bladed weapons every 3 minutes,

c) the TV ratings system is failing to protect children and families due to the fact that the broadcast networks are assigning a younger age rating than similarly violent programs on cable, and

d) the violent situations on television programs run the gamut, including instances of child molestation, rape, mutilation/disfigurement, dismemberment, graphic killings and/or injuries by gunfire and stabbings, violent abductions, physical torture, cannibalism, burning flesh and suicide.

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