Trash Talking Teens  Study

Profanity and Sexual Dialogue on TV said by Children

Profanity on TV

In a new study of primetime broadcast television, the Parents Television Council found that the networks are increasingly creating and airing programs in which teenage and even child characters use overtly sexualized and adult language.

“It’s bad enough that children are increasingly exposed to vulgar dialogue on television at all hours of the day. It’s even worse that they’re seeing the vulgarity coming directly from the lips of other children. This troubling new trend should concern every family, given the inarguable evidence that children are influenced by what they see on TV,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “ 

New Study

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See Quotes by Jerry Mathers (the actor who played “The Beaver” on the classic TV show, Leave it to Beaver,) and a PTC Advisory Board member,) and Dr. Brad J Bushman (professor of Communication & Psychology at Ohio State University)