Submit Your Production for Seal of Approval Consideration

Entertainment Seal of Approval

The PTC regularly screens theatrical films and DVDs for consideration for its Entertainment Seal of Approval. (Television shows are considered only after at least three shows have aired.)

To submit your production for consideration send a copy of the work (DVD, CD, book, or similar), with a $50 reviewing fee, to:

Entertainment Seal of Approval
Parents Television Council
707 Wilshire Blvd. Ste. 2075
Los Angeles, CA 90017

*Please include contact name, contact telephone, contact email and release date of the production.  DVDs cannot be returned.

For more Information or questions contact us .

Advertising Seal of Approval

The PTC Advertising Seal of Approval is submitted to advertisers that support, through their television advertising, programs that are socially-responsible and family-friendly. The PTC selects winners one a year through an arduous analysis of corporate television advertising patterns.

Based upon the PTC's customized computer system, Entertainment Tracking System (ETS), a comparative analysis is made of the leading television advertisers and the network and selected cable shows they purchase. Companies that consistently purchase advertisements on quality family-friendly programs are collected in the ETS data base. The top ten leading companies from this list then comprise the Advertiser Seal of Approval winners.

If you have any questions about where your company stands in our analysis or for tips on how to advertise responsibly, please contact us .