Tips For Parents

We at the Parents Television Council believe parents are the final arbiters of what is and is not appropriate for their child to watch. That is why we strive to provide comprehensive content analysis of every primetime broadcast series so that parents can make informed viewing decisions. That fact does not relieve the networks or sponsoring companies from sharing the responsibility for program content, or for the negative influence violent and offensive programming has on young viewers.

As part of our continued commitment to bring responsibility to the entertainment industry, we'd like to provide parents with some practical advice on how to set limitations on children's access to television, how to talk with your children about what they view, and how to set a good example for your children with your own viewing habits.

Understanding the Ratings

Description of TV, movie, videogame and music ratings systems

Tech Safety Guide

Keep your children safe online with these helpful tools and tips.

Your Child and the media: Facts & Fiction

Is it just harmless entertainment? Read what the experts say

Parent Resources to protect your children

A collection of advice, articles and checklists from trusted sources