Entertainment Seal of Approval

The PTC Entertainment Seal of Approval salutes the best in Hollywood entertainment. Awarded to outstanding films, television programs and DVDs, each prospective Seal candidate is carefully screened.

How winners are selected:

Two PTC reviewers must personally preview each production. Their decisions are based on the PTC's comprehensive Entertainment Analysis Form which documents every instance of sex, violence and profanity whether visual, implied or spoken. In the end, a production that receives 100 points and after careful deliberation with PTC executives are awarded the Entertainment Seal of Approval.

With the Entertainment Seal of Approval, parents have the confidence of knowing that they won't be surprised by inappropriate content unsuitable for their family. They can read a review that tells them in detail what to expect in a production. They are then armed with all the information they need to make decisions appropriate for their family. It's no wonder then that the PTC entertainment reviews section is the most popular section in the PTC website.

To submit your production for PTC Seal of Approval consideration, click here

Each week we attempt to screen the upcoming films of the week. Recommended films, TV shows and DVDs released for the week are always incorporated in PTC e-alerts. So if you're not already registered to receive PTC e-alerts sign up now.

Featured Entertainment Seal of Approval Winners Are:

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