Parent Resources

As part of our continued commitment to bring responsibility to the entertainment industry, we'd like to provide parents with some practical advice on how to set limitations on children's access to television, how to talk with your children about what they view, and how to set a good example for your children with your own viewing habits. Below is a collection of advice, articles, quizes and checklists from trusted sources. We hope this compilation makes it easier for you to get the information you need to keep your child safe.

Tips for Parents  - American Medical Association

Effects of Media on Children  - Parents Television Council

TV vs. Life Quiz  - PBS

Warning Signs of Youth Violence - American Psychological Association

Strategies To Reduce the Impact of Media Violence in Young Children's Lives - Act Against Violence

Young Children View TV Differently - Act Against Violence

What Families Should Teach Young Children About Media - Act Against Violence

Is TV Really So Bad for Kids? - WebMD

Parents Media Quiz: How Media Savvy Are You? - Parents Television Council

Talking with Kids About Television - Children Now

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