File an Official Indecency Complaint with the FCC

To make a indecency complaint to the FCC, you can only file directly on the FCC Consumer Complaint website.

Once on their site, choose the TV option, and then click on the "TV Issues" dropdown menu,and  click on "Indecency" to fill out the remaining form.

You will need to know:

  • Description (of the indecent  content)
  • TV channel
  • Network* (only use the Broadcast stations - ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox or CW)
  • Name of TV Program
  • Date and Time when the program was aired

By completing this FCC indecency complaint, you will be registering an OFFICIAL COMPLAINT.

Click here for more information about Broadcast Obscenity/Indecency Laws

* In order to be subject to indecency enforcement by the FCC, the show MUST air on a broadcast network (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox or CW) between the hours of 6:00am and 10:00pm. This excludes cable networks or streaming programs.