Contact the Sponsors

Advertisers, along with network executives, are the key decision-makers in Hollywood, and they decide what options you'll have in television programming. With your help, the PTC will convince them to consider the wants and needs of the family viewing audience.

What To Tell the Advertiser
Name of the show.
- Your approval or disapproval of the content.
- Your reasons why
- If you will or will not watch the show
- That you are contacting the network and your local network affiliate
- That you support the efforts of the Parents Television Council.

Help us urge them to restore the "Family Hour" and clean up prime-time television.

How can you make a difference?

It's Easy!
Just decide which network and prime time show(s) you wish to comment on... Then take action! Write a short note, call, or send an e-mail. Every telephone call, letter, and e-mail really does make a difference! Please contact the Advertisers today!  

How do I contact an advertiser?
The Top Advertisers are listed below in alphabetical order. In the left menu, click on the letter of the first name of the advertiser(s) that you wish to contact, below that letter you will find the internal link to the company, a contact, a telephone number, and, for some, their Web site and email addresses.

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