YOU Paid for Offensive BET Awards

Since 2001, the Black Entertainment Television cable network has held an annual awards program supposedly saluting the best African-American entertainers of the year. In the past, this program has drawn the ire of groups like Dr. Delman Coates' Enough Is Enough Campaign for Corporate Responsibility in Entertainment because of its promotion of African-Americans as drug-using criminals, thugs and prostitutes. But this year, the BET Awards hit a new low in disgraceful programming – and if you subscribe to satellite or cable TV, YOU PAID FOR IT! more

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Sex Sells…Hamburgers?

Jumping on Burger’s King bandwagon of using half-naked women and sexual references in their commercials, burger chains Carl’s Jr. and Hardees have debuted ads that use sex to sell fast food. Carl’s Jr. ads feature women in swimsuits licking their lips and dripping hamburger grease and fixings on their bodies, while Hardees has started a new “Name Our Holes” campaign supposedly selling doughnut holes, but implying something very different. Remember: there are plenty of reputable restaurants like Wendy’s or McDonalds which manage to sell fast food WITHOUT pushing degrading sexualized imagery at your children. The PTC urges you to “vote with your pocketbook” the next time you take your kids out to eat.


Ruby Returns to Style Network

This week’s news about the disgusting BET Awards may lead you to wonder why you subscribe to cable at all. But there are some quality shows on cable and satellite TV…and Ruby is one example. Winner of the prestigious PTC Seal of ApprovalTM, Ruby is the inspiring story of a sweet Christian woman struggling against lifelong obesity. Filled with positive messages and a loveable cast, Ruby returns to the Style network Sunday, July 5th at 8:00 pm ET. 

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Movie Reviews By Kids, For Kids:

The PTC’s mission is helping parents be aware of potentially harmful and offensive trends in the media, and protecting their children from violence, sex and profanity in entertainment. But it’s also important for children to learn to think critically about what they see and hear; and now there’s a website to help them do so. is the only site where kids can write their own movie reviews for other kids. The site also introduces children to journalism in a fun way while encouraging media literacy. So show your children – you’ll be glad you did!

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Movie Review: Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

The Ice Age gang is back, this time encountering new family members, dinosaurs – and a dangerous mission to a hidden land at the Earth’s center. more


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Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian - PG

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Building A Difference: The Page-Bailie Bunch
Professor Crunch and the Daffies - G

Hotel for Dogs - PG

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